Annamarie A. Fuchs, MN PMP, ICD.D

I have been involved in healthcare for more than 30 years and a healthcare consultant for the last 11. During my early career as a nurse and clinician, I walked beside people at the end of life, listening to their stories and offering comfort and support to both them and their family members. In that capacity I had the opportunity to contribute a chapter in a unique and important textbook entitled “Creating Connections Between Nursing Care and the Creative Arts Therapies” by Dr. Carole-Lynne LeNavenec and Laurel Bridges, 2005.

As a consultant, I have also had the privilege of providing support to regulators, health authority leaders, academia, and other agencies to assist them to achieve their strategic and business priorities. Those conversations and insights are also extraordinarily valuable to enable citizens to understand the structure of the health system in Alberta and Canada and how it functions.

Health care is considered one of the most complex systems in the world. As a healthcare consultant and former clinician, I’ve considered developing a blog many times as a means to share my experiences and insights from many of the patients and family members, opinion leaders, clinicians, and executives I’ve crossed paths with over the years. I have also been actively engaged as a volunteer throughout my career, particularly as a patient and citizen advocate and community volunteer.  I am passionate about the vast potential our health system has to transform how we view and respond to our own health and wellness and I hope that as ‘Partners in Health’ we can share ideas together more broadly as we raise awareness about current issues and raise our collective voices to support decision makers.

So, let’s get started!